"The local fruits, food should not be dispensed with by the sons of the soil. They also need to take care to supply the seasonal fruits and foods coming from nature to fall in tune with the changing nature. When one does not nurture in tune with the nature's change, the equilibrium of forces within is disturbed. This knowledge is important."

Dr. K. P. Kumar

Life is in everything

By Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

"Life is in everything". This is an age old teaching. Even objects do carry life. Upon each piece of handiwork particles of human substance are stratified. Not only the state of the maker's health is left upon the object, but also his striving energy, which is indissoluble. The later exists with the object for ages. Stratifications of emanations cannot be ejected. It is therefore considered essential that a man who creates objects of human utility should do it with good will, with peace, with joy and with love. When human work is done with conflict in mind, with an attitude of restlessness, anxiety or hatred, their impact is on

the created objects. For this reason it is considered essential that a man has to be joyful at work. The human emanations surround the objects when they are in the making. It may look like a fairy tale but it is true. Objects are considered good or evil as people are called. Inferior energies at work permeate into the work and get stratified into the created objects.

It is also further said, that milk coming from cows after the calves are fed is considered healthy. Squeezing milk from the cows with machines is considered a brutal aggression. It is like squeezing milk from human breasts, which is meant for the infants. Neither the cow nor the mother is happy, and such ignorant acts are done. When there is less concern for life and when life is hurt, it comes back to the one who hurts. These are certain fundamental laws of humanism which have their impact on the overall health of humanity. Many such examples can be given of human diabolism in relation to their attitude towards the animals and birds which are consumed as food. This requires deep introspection.

Composer: Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, Editorial Paracelsus Health & Healing Magazine, No. IX 9