Mithila: The Science of Man

First Young Group Life Teaching

On the Composter: Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, born 1945 in Vijayavada (India), has studied Law and Economy at the Andhra University of Visakhapatnam and Madras. He is a Chartered Accountant of repute with offices at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Madras. He has dedicated his life to socio-spiritual activities and works actively in the economic, social and cultural fields, with spirituality as the basis. He says that the spiritual practices are of value only if they contribute to the economic, cultural and social welfare of humanity.

For his outstanding achievements he has been honoured by the Andhra University with the title Doctor of Letters H.C. in 1997.

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar is a responsible householder, a professional consultant, a teacher of wisdom, a healer, and is a composer of books. He denies of himself the title of being an author, since according to him, "Wisdom belongs to none and all belong to Wisdom."


1. The Clue to Wisdom

If there is a receptor and there is no transmission, there can be no imparting of knowledge. If there a transmitter and there is no receptor, also then, there cannot be any communication.

"Why flowers" is the question? (It is about giving a garland of flower to the Master). The flowers are symbol of love. Then why a garland, why not a flower? The garland expresses that you are all together to receive what is being taught here. It is an expression of love towards the Teacher and also an expression of respect towards the wisdom that you seek to learn.

There is a clue to receive wisdom. The one from whom you receive wisdom, in so far as he is pleased with you, the wisdom flows well. If the teacher is not pleased, the wisdom will not flow. It is like milking the cow. If you treat the cow with love, the cow gives milk with pleasure. If you maltreat it and extract milk from the cow, out of helplessness, the cow may give milk, but the milk will not carry the love of the cow.

In anything, the vibration is more important than the material that we receive. Anything served with love has much more nourishment than something that is served without love.

It is important that the student should have the attitude and the focus to learn and also the veneration towards that which he or she intents to learn. If there is no orientation, the energy does not flow, the wisdom does not flow. As much as the student is oriented, so much the wisdom flows. The deeper the student is, the deeper is the wisdom that flows towards him. So, there is need to develop a cordial relation as between the Teacher and the student. As much as a student is required to respect the Teacher, and love the Teacher, so much the Teacher is also expected to love the student, to get deeply concerned about him, and to see if he is learning.

The difference between a Teacher and a lecturer is that the lecturer just gives out what he knows. He is not worried if the listeners have understood. A Teacher is concerned with every student in the class. This concern for the student is important for the Teacher. The concern is not only about teachings, but also about the health, the growth and about the planning that the student makes about his life.

Teaching is a very noble function. It includes the work of healing. Teaching is conducting a heart to heart communication and seeking question on the subject taught. Thereby the knowledge is well understood. And on the basis of that knowledge, when it is well understood, there can be actions planned out. That's why the teacher-student relation is important. The ancient tradition about the Teacher-student is that the Teacher always prays for the welfare of the students and the students also pray for the welfare of the Master. Each tries to protect the other through their prayers.

Today, we are in a world where the cordiality is disconnected between the Teacher and the student. There is more commercialism in the field of Teacher-student. "How much the student will pay me?" is the teacher's concern. Then the teacher is no Teacher. A Teacher is one who does not look for payment from the students. The only payment that a Teacher desires is that the student makes proper understanding of the teachings and translates the understood teaching into daily life activity. Nothing more is demanded or expected of the student by the Teacher. That is the sacred relation between the Teacher and the student.

2. All-Round Development

What we learn here is not faith. What is important is the knowledge in a scientific manner with reason as the bottom line, and each one can think about it. If inspired, practise it so that one gets a better equipment to be able to live life more splendorously.

The purpose of wisdom is to fulfil life in every aspect. It is not a mono-projection into something which is different from daily life. It demands an all-round development, to live as a harmonious being in the society, to be at peace in oneself, to be in contentment and the consequent satisfaction and to seek perfection in every aspect of life. Continue to be a student till we breathe the last, improving our abilities and utilizing such abilities for the benefit of the surrounding life.

For that reason, we have to understand ourselves more. It is necessary that man understands himself more than understanding the surrounding. Education in the ancient time was imparting knowledge vis-à-vis the man and also the surrounding. Today, education is mostly to impart knowledge relating to the surrounding. Not much is taught about how man is constituted. Basically, therefore, man does not know how to be at poise, how to be moderate in every aspect of life, and how to retain a quiet attitude even in crisis. This is because he is unable to handle the inner energies. You may try to control the outer energies but until and unless one understands and stimulates the inner energies, one will not be at poise.

Man is more than what he appears to be, and also the nature is more than what it appears to be. What is visible is only a part of the total. What is invisible is three times more than what is visible. The invisible intelligences, at interactions, bring the visibility. What we see is the result of what is happening in the subtle plane. There is a chemistry happening within us and outside and we should be able to know the inner chemistry and the outer chemistry so that we are able to perceive much more than what is apparently seen.

To see that which is beyond the visible and to comprehend that which is beyond the apparent is what is called occultism. Occultism is seeing beyond and listening beyond the apparent. The implements to see beyond and to listen beyond are within us and we should be able to gain those implements so that we see ourselves much more than what we think ours. The science of man and the science of the cosmos shall have to be concurrently studied. If the study is only relating to one and not the other, we would have a very lop-sided development.

3. Man and His Potentials

What I wish to speak to you in these days is more about us - the human being, what are his potentials and how to bring them out.

Man is said to be a septenate. There are also seven tissues that fabricate this body. Let us proceed from the known part to the unknown part. We all have a body. I don't think there is any need to explain about it. We know it well, that we have a body. What we don't know is how this body grows, why it looses or gains health. Basically, we have a body.

And this body is driven by the second aspect in us called the senses. The senses show the outer so that we can respond. There is the sense of seeing, listening, and smelling, then the sense of touching and tasting. These are the five senses that give us contact to the outer world. If we don't have the senses, there is no way for us to express in the outer or to receive expression from the outer. Imagine that you don't have ears, eyes, or a nose, and you don't have the tongue or the skin. You have no communication system with the surrounding.

Not only you receive impressions relating to the outer through the senses, but you also interact with the outer through the senses. If you don't know the touch, you cannot differentiate between the flame of a lamp or an ice cube. If you touch the flame not knowing, the finger is lost. Or if you sit on an ice cube, the body gets frozen, and the blood circulation ceases. All the sensations are the second aspect in us. They are very important to us to experience the objectivity.

Then there is the third aspect in us, which relates to the memory of what is experienced through the senses. When you eat a chilly, your tongue tells you how sharp it is. Then the mind registers it and reminds you next time, when you see a chilly, that, if you eat it, your stomach will get disturbed. If you touch the flame and it burns you, the experience will be registered in the mind. Likewise, millions and millions of experiences remain as impression to the mind.

Up to this, it is common between us and the animals. But then, man has much more than this. The third aspect, as I said, is the memory part of the mind. It records the experiences relating to us and on the basis of such experiences we try to modify or regulate our behaviour.

Then there is the fourth aspect in us which causes the process of thinking. It is thinking beyond the impressions that you carry through body experience. This is what we call intellectualism. We try to idiate more beyond our body requirements. That's where we are different from the animals. The animal has senses and has memory. It knows how to get its food, how to mate, to rest when it is tired, to protect from heat, to protect from cold. So, eating, mating and resting, this is common between us and the animals. But the animal cannot get into the process of creative thinking. Man is capable of creativity. For instance, an animal cannot study economy or work with computers, it cannot think of sociology or mathematics. Education is meant to impart the creative thinking faculty.

You can see human beings who are just satisfied with eating, mating and resting. They know where they should go, what they should eat and with whom they should mate. This is all no better than the animal aspect, though we have refined ways of doing. The way we eat, we consider it as more refined. We cook and eat, and we have creative ways of cooking and eating.

In so far as man is only living for food and for sex, and for satisfying the desires of the senses, he remains in the lower strata of humanity. This is the beast in man. It only knows what it wants, it does not know what others want.

It is already a creative thought, when you work for the collective good. The work for the collective good resulted into the social aspect of man. From just being a wanderer in the forest, the humans gathered into groups and started working as a group for the collective good of the group. That is how the communities started happening arising out of the creative faculty of man. From collective good, so many thoughts have been generated. There is more and more creativity. This creativity is something special compared to an animal.

It has taken man to another field: the knowledge. The creativity and the relative knowledge is the fourth aspect of man. This knowledge keeps on expending its horizons: beyond man himself and beyond his fellow beings, to include other beings, to include the planets, the solar system and then the cosmos.

The creative thinking is the triggering point to enhance the comprehension if man to make an understanding of all that is. Some proceeded from the known to the unknown. Some proceeded from the unknown to the known. To proceed from the known to unknown is safer - that is science. To proceed from the unknown to the known, you need to make certain assumptions. But then solutions are reached faster.

Some of you may have studied mathematics. You know how assumptions are made and then the riddles are solved. You see algebra, geometry, in all those theorems the unknown is basically resumed as 'x'. Then slowly, what is 'x' is solved.

The two approaches are there right from the beginning of human wisdom. Some started from the subtle and started learning how from the subtle the gross has come. Some others started knowing what is the basis of this gross, what is its preceding state? What is the preceding state of this planet? What is the preceding state to the preceding state of the planet?

Search has always been from the two sides. It depends upon the quality of the soul. Some like to start from the unknown and reach the known, and then have total comprehension. There are the others who start from that which is familiar and start knowing the unfamiliar. All of them have come to similar conclusions in the ancient time. All this is due to the fourth aspect of man that is the creative thinking and the related knowledge.

Then there is the fifth aspect of man, which is blissful experience. One of the basic searches of man is to be happy, to be at peace, to be in quititude, to experience in a blissful manner and to experience the splendour of that which is surrounding you. Knowledge leads to bliss. This bliss is, generally, expressed by us without any particular cause. It is causeless bliss. The happiness which you experience through the senses is an inferior aspect of this bliss.

People need some avenue to be happy. Some need music to be happy. Some others need a good scenerie to be happy. Some others are happy if they have tasty food. Still others are happy if they are in companionship of the other sex. Happiness is sought through the five senses. Still others are happy when they have good money. Yet others, they are happy if they have some power. But all this requires avenue to be happy. The man who loves power, he is unhappy when there is no power with him. A rich man is unhappy when the riches are gone. So, the presence or absence of things, when they decide your happiness, it is an inferior way of being happy. The innate quality of every being is to be at happiness. In so far as the human being is not dependent upon the inferior things and does not long for them and yet is happy, that means he is happy with them or even without them. It is unconditional happiness.

When it is a very hot summer, we are not happy. If the winter is very cold, also we are unhappy. And if there is always some thunders and showers, then we are not happy. But in nature, things keep always changing. Change is the key note of nature. It keeps on changing. Even in our life, not a single day is like the other. You are in an ever changing energy, ever moving energy and you cannot decide how it should be. You should be happy regardless all movements, changes or chemistry that is happening around you.

This is called our privilege of being unaffected by the mutability of the nature. Nothing perturbs or disturbs you. If there is headache, you recognize it, that's all. You work to overcome it but you are not perturbed by it. Anything is recognized but it does not affect you. These are called the Saints or the Masters. These are the ones who have constant vibration. They are not unpredictable like the moods of the normal beings. We do not know how our mood will be in the afternoon. Like the Moon, there is the waxing and waning of our vibration. It is never a stable vibration.

The fifth state relating to us is to be the immutable one amidst mutability. To reach that state, people started running away from society or escaping into forest. It's not the solution. If you run away from a problem, you can never solve it. You have to be in it, face it and solve it. To be free while surrounded, to be immutable while there is mutability, to be at poise in times of crise - this is a state which man has. These are the stables ones. These stable ones are called the Yogis or the Masters. That means they are a step ahead of the knowledge and the relative creativity.

Sometimes, we don't know but we are happy. Someone may ask you, "why are you happy", because there is no cause. It is a causeless state of being happy. That means, your awareness has grown beyond the understanding of cause and effect. It is beyond thought. In so far as you are in thought, there is the cause and effect. It is beyond. It goes beyond the realms of thought and is the source of thought. But what is the source of this thinking process? This is relatively not known. That is the unknown part of the human being. How is it that we don't think while we sleep? How are we in sleep? How are we awakening from sleep? You know after you are awakened, but you don't know that you are sleeping while you are at sleep. So, where are you and what are you when you are sleeping? These are all areas relating to us which are not known to us. So, something exists beyond our thinking process, in ourselves only. There is already knowledge with us though we do not know. This is where you enter into the unknown part of the human being.

Without knowing, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon. There are intelligences in us which contact the chemistry in the liver and detoxicate the disagreeable food and excrete. There is no more refined chemical laboratory than the liver. It is functioning without our knowledge. Even if I am not a chemistry student, still chemistry is working. This part is not known to us.

Likewise, there is the circulation of blood, the purification of blood, continuously happening, even while we are sleeping. What is that part in us which is conducting it?

There is an awareness relating to us which we do not yet know. It awakens and conducts the thought process and causes the movement of the mind, and in turn causes the movement of senses and the body. That awareness is to be known. That is the sixth aspect in us.

Unconsciously, each one of us says, "I am, I am I am…, I am doing this, I am doing that. I am going to India." What is this "I am"? Man relies so much on reason, but many times, he does things without reason. So, you cannot say that all relating to you works by reason. There is something beyond your reason. When you say, "I am going to India," what is it that is going to India? Is it your body? It cannot move by itself. Is it your senses, your mind? How did you get the idea that you should go to India? You may get the information that your friends are going to India. In some fine moment, it dawns in you that "let me also go to India". How does this dawning of an idea happen?

Then you say, "I shall go to India." What is this "I"? Is it consciousness? Is it life? Or is it both? Or is it intelligence? What exactly it is? How is it functioning? That is verily you. You are life, you are knowledge, you are intelligent activity and you use the equipment called the human body. All that you identify with is nothing but your vehicle. There is the one who drives this vehicle, who mounts on this vehicle and conducts the vehicle. So, there is the vehicular part in you and the rider part in you which are put together like the centaur. That means, there is the anterior part which is man and posterior part which is animal. In the case of centaur, the animal conditions the man. In the case of any man who is conditioned by his body, he is considered to be a Centaur.

4. The Septanate of Man

Mithila Symbol The primary aspect relating to us is our body.

The second aspect is the sensations.

The third aspect is the memory relating to the experience to the sensations.

The fourth aspect in us is our thinking reaching creative levels and unfolding knowledge within and outside. This is what is called the higher mind. The memory is in mind and the mind that knows the requirements of the body is called the 'lower mind'. The third aspect is the lower mind, the fourth aspect is the higher mind.

To be innovative in thinking is the top class relating to the fourth aspect of man. Very few are thinkers, very few. Thinkers are few, followers are many. In the entire humanity, you can't put it more than 15%. These are the ones who lead by their thought the humanity. They give an exceptional direction to the humanity. That is how there are mile stones that certain human beings establish for humans to progress. They are all thinkers, 'first class thinkers'. There are other class thinkers also, not as creative as the first class. This fourth aspect in man can make him to be innovative in thinking.

All use television, radio, computers. But those who have conceived them, they gave a different direction to the entire humanity. To create a computer is arising out of a superfine creative thought than using the computer with a creative mind. We all see television. To see television, we don't require a creative mind, but the one who invented television, he gave such an impact on humanity.

So, there is the creative aspect, which is the fourth aspect in man. It is that creativity that each one of us can acquire because it is within us only. The only thing is we have not opened that chamber. We are pretty happy with what little we know and hence we don't think enough. Unless there are thinkers, there is no evolution of anything.

Ever since the advent of Adam Smith, there is so much of evolution in economics. At each state, the theory of economics is given a new direction, likewise, to every aspect of knowledge. Mathematics is evolving, thanks to the creative thinkers. Physics is evolving, and what physicists have done to us in the twentieth century, we should bow down our head and offer our salutations to them. They have opened the cosmos through the atom. Very few of us know what has happened to physics in twentieth century. Of course, most of the people are unmindful that such things have happened. How many scientific theories were turned upside down since the quantum physics. The nuclear aspect in physics and chemistry, these are all due to the superfine creative thinking.

Likewise in medicine, education - in every field, there are thinkers. Those are the ones who direct or even misdirect the humanity. Darwin misdirected up to a point the human evolution. That man was a monkey before, esoteric science does not accept it. Now the genetic science also does not accept it. But this is all in the process of invention.

This is the fourth aspect of man, and hardly anyone is interested in this chamber of man. But these are the ones who produce the great ones that steer the human life.

fifth aspect of man, the fifth chamber, concerns the blissful existence regardless of the presence or absence of anything. This is the state where we have the much evolved human beings of the Earth. They are beyond the duality of creation, nothing perturbs them. On the contrary, they contribute, they share and they distribute their bliss to the surrounding. That is where the top order of saints who are beyond pain and pleasure, comfort and discomfort, loss or profit, they appear. This is the fifth chamber related to man.

sixth aspect, the sixth chamber, there is the man himself. The man himself is in the sixth chamber, and hence he is capable of experiencing the bliss of the fifth chamber. He can be blissful. He can be knowledgeable, which is his fourth chamber. He can also retain the memory of all the knowledge and experience he has. This is the third aspect, the third chamber. Then he can have the emotional experiences of the senses. That is the second chamber, and then the first one which is the physical body.

The man himself is a descent from something else. That is the One whom all theologies call as God. Even man is a projection from the Absolute. From the Absolute, there is the spring up of life, the spring up of consciousness, the spring up of time consciousness and the periodicities relating to time, and then the manifestations of the nature. There is a source for all this, and that source also is in man as the seventh chamber. It is called the 'Divinity in man', or the 'God in man'. That is the seventh chamber. In the seventh chamber, there is the God in man, and its reverse is in the sixth chamber, that is the man in God. Seventh chamber is God in man and the sixth chamber is man in God. This is important to know.

If you take the ocean as God and the wave as man, in the wave there is ocean, isn't it? Where is the wave? The wave is in ocean. But what is the wave? It is a form of ocean. So, wave is the man, the ocean is God. Verily, the wave is noting but ocean. In essence, it is ocean only, but it is different in state. This is to be understood. Wave is a state, it has a periodicity. It emerges and merges. Ocean does not. Ocean is called the cosmic man or Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon or cosmic man is just the same. In Sanskrit they call him Purusha. There is the cosmic man formed as individual man.

So, we are like the wave of the one ocean. Essentially we are divine because essentially, what is in the wave is what is in the ocean.

Then, the man in the sixth chamber is called 'man in God'. He cannot be out of God. In the ocean, the wave cannot be out of the ocean. It has no existence by itself. Can you conceive a wave without ocean? You cannot conceive a man without his source. The ocean, when it is in the wave, it is called 'God in man' - that is the seventh chamber.

When you refer to the wave when it is in the ocean, it is also called 'man in God'. So, one is in the other, God is in man and man is in God. These are the seventh and the sixth chambers. Thereafter, it is experience, experience of bliss, experience of truth, ecstatic state. That is the fifth chamber.

Then the fourth chamber is the knowledge which has no limits arising out of creative thinking. The knowledge and bliss are the two aspects of man. Then, you have the vehicle to experience knowledge, to experience bliss, to experience God. This vehicle consists of the mind, the senses and the body.

Man is seen as a triple. There is the God aspect, the divine. Then there is the man aspect, with knowledge and bliss. And then there is the vehicle aspect, which is the memorising mind, the senses and the body. This is the septenate of man: the seven chambers of man. Most of the sensuous and emotional average human beings are in the vehicular part of man only. They are not yet even in the human aspect of man.

Then there is the superhuman and divine. We should know that we are much more than what we see as our avenue. To give the message of these three aspects of man, we have a symbol of the chariot as vehicle, and there is the man in God in the vehicle and the God in man in the vehicle. That is how you see a horse chariot driven by Krishna, and Arjuna is seated in it. If you ask an average Indian, he would only speak about Arjuna, Krishna, the chariot and the war. The symbol existed even before Krishna, Arjuna and the chariot.

There is the divinity in you which conducts all the intelligences relating to your body. The life comes from it, you come from it, time comes from it, force comes from it, matter comes from it - all that we know comes from one source. That source is in you. It is the divinity in you. You are there, and then the vehicle is there. This is the triple aspect of man and it details in the seven aspects. That is why man is said to be the one who has seven planes of existence.

This is a very broad division. You can make many divisions out of each division. Each division can again be divided into seven divisions. What is important for us is that we take to the fourth and fifth chamber of knowledge and the bliss of existence, and do not limit ourselves to the bodily indulgences and the related problems. These things bring some temporary happiness and then have consequences.

We are all much, much bigger than what we think of us. So, we should get into the unknown part relating to us and reach those realms where we are open to much knowledge which is light. Another name for light is knowledge, because a knowledgeable one can throw light on things. He can make things visible, which are not seen by others. This is how the steps have to be made.

For that, we need a discipline. If you set your aspirations clearly, the sundry activities will follow. Otherwise, it is only going to beach, eating ice-creams, and speaking without purpose.

Speaking is also an excellent faculty. There is a way to speak conducting alchemy. There is also a way to speak doing noise. Speech can be used for making noise. Speech can be used to express voice. Speech can be used to transmit sublime thoughts. Speech can be used to transmit light. Speech can be used to transform things. There is a great magic that one can work with, if one knows how to work with speech. We first need to understand all the potentials that we have.

One needs to aspire high, gain height and keep working for it in that engagement, all your energies are upward oriented. Then we don't have depression, we don't weep, we don't feel morose because there is an engagement to something noble. It continues to engage you and fulfil you, and the sense of satisfaction is very high when you accomplish it. Every student should be given noble and high aspiration. It should be taught that they are constituted of seven chambers. They should try to go to the upper floors, where there is more light, better wind and no mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are one picking the other. It's not a very noble state of living that one keeps on complaining about the others, commenting the others, speaking evil of others. What's the great work done in such activity? It's like living in a chamber full of mosquitoes.

We shall aim high and set the goal high, so that our energies are upward oriented, and we are unmindful of petty things. Otherwise, petty things become important. This is what I see as the basis for all occult study. I gave you the broad theme, and then we get into the details.


Should we not do things on faith or by the reason? Why should we not do things on faith if we feel that what we follow is consciously acceptable?

Answer: Why should we know what we do, if that is what is comfortable to the psyche? It is also an accepted way. Normally, this psyche is with the Orientals. Seldom, we find it with the Occidentals. There is nothing wrong in following a faith, if the inner psyche has no questions about it. It is considered better to know what one is doing so that he or she can inform others when asked why he or she is doing it. Even this 'why' is up to a point; beyond a point, actually this 'why' does not work.

Basically, it is to answer one's mind so that it follows the practice without doubt. Faith based following is not wrong. But very often, when you make faith based following, you may not use the potentials of mind. Mind's potentials should be used to their optimum. We should not give inadequate importance to mind. It may lead to neglecting the mind. But if you give total importance to mind, then you could also be stuck with the mind, because questioning cannot be for the sake of questioning. Then you would only develop a questioning mind all the time. Questioning sincerely to know, will also inform the mind so that the mind's cooperation is there, and there is complete harmony in doing a practice.

In future, everything needs to be explained as to why we do it. We are not liable to answer to all people, there is no obligation. But if someone seeks, sincerely from you why you are doing, we should be able to inform them so that they may also feel like doing.

It is like going from here to Madras by train. As you get into the sleep train that goes to Madras, you would reach Madras, even if you sleep. You would go to Madras even if you are awake. Two persons going to Madras, one sleeps the moment he entrains, because he has faith that this train will go to Madras. The second one also has faith that it goes to Madras, but he would like to see what are all the stations that the train passes through, what are the rivers that the train passes over, what are the landscapes, there are fertile fields, there are barren fields, and there are some places where there are hills and lakes, some part of the land is red, some part of the land is black, and some other part is full of sand. He also reaches Madras. Both of them have reached the goal.

But the one who is awake can guide others who would go on the journey, in the sense he will give more information, that you will get two important rivers on the way, you will get good lunch somewhere, in that particular station you will get good fruits, and in this part you will see good sceneries. So, this is information. Ultimate experience in Madras is the same.

That's how there are two ways. One category of students is: you take to the right direction and then you don't see the details of intermediate steps. Another category is: you try to know more details.

I am not saying that one is greater than the other in accomplishment. What I say is one carries more information than the other, which may be of use to the others. But on accomplishment, both are equal. The one who follows the faith can also give right direction on accomplishment. He says, "Go and take such and such a train and you will reach Madras." The second one also gives right direction. The difference is in terms of information.

That is how more and more people would like to have information now. The number is increasing. It would help him to be more aware, because blind faith has led to certain problems in the past.

Not all can consciously feel that this is the right way. Then, such persons may be manipulated by people. To prevent people falling into inferior faith, and also enable them to go through the thinking process, the scientific approach is preferred. Even in the scientific approach, sometimes, you have to believe. But generally, following someone's instruction without thinking is not good. Then we will not develop that chamber relating to us which is also important.

In fact, there are mystics and occultists. The East produces more mystics. It also produces occultists. For instance, if you see Shirdi Sai Baba, he is a mystic. Ramakrishna, the grand Master, the Master of Vivekananda, is also a mystic. They are very highly accomplished beings. The way they can work, even today without body, is stupendous. And there are also occultists. For example, Master CVV is an occultist. Ramana Maharshi is an occultist. Sri Aurobindo is also an occultist. They also have helped people.

So, there are mystics and occultists. The occultists thoroughly go through the third and the fourth chamber, and then get into the fifth chamber. The mystics, from the third chamber, take a detour and straight away go to fifth chamber. Later they will come back to the fourth chamber. Mostly in the Orient, you find mystics, while you also find occultists. If you see Satya Sai Baba, who is now in the body, he is a mystic. He is doing a lot of good work. Both are equally good, only in one case, the processes can be explained. In the other case, the processes are unknown, even when he went through the process. That is the difference, and depending upon one's conscience, one can follow either of the two paths.

Basically, I believe in following the path where I would like to know what I do, so that I can also inform others the science of what I am doing. It is my way. I don't insist that it should be the only way, because in nature there are both ways. Those who follow me, also, are of two types: those who just follow me; they feel confident that Kumar is right. And there are others who would like to know and follow.

Right from a fellow like me up to Christ, the two kinds of followers are always there. Peter and Paul were faith followers. Johannes was an occultist. Jesus was as much mystical as he was occult. Likewise, Krishna has followers who are mystical and occult. There are the mystical followers of Krishna who live in ecstasy and there are the occult followers of Krishna of the Hierarchy led by Lord Maitreya.

In the mystical part, the ascension is faster because of the strong faith. But there is scope for fall if there is a wrong direction. In the occult part, the progress is slow but it has very few obstructions on the way, because every step is consciously made and you don't walk into something which you don't know. This is the basic understanding of the two.

Explaining the same thing through the ray quality, the sixth ray quality takes comfort in faith. Sixth ray means the ray of devotion and service. Fifth ray quality would like to know and follow. The persons are born under the influence of one ray or the other and there can be an admixture of the two in a person. Sometimes there is faith, sometimes there is the mental questioning. They alternatingly take to one part and the other part making a kind of zig zag progress. Basically, I would like you to know what you are doing.

Ultimately mysticism is nothing but hidden science. As you keep on searching into it, you will find the science in it. By finding it, you are more informed. The ultimate experience, as I said, is the same. In the following chart, the definition of the mystical part and the occult part is given. Keep it with you, it is helpful. That is the answer.




Deals with life.           Deals with forms of life.
Deals with God.           Deals with the law.
Works from center to circumference.           Works from circumference to center.
Deals with God.           Deals with the law.
Works from synthesis to analysis.           Works from analysis to synthesis.
Works with faith of the unknown.           Works with no such assumptions, but recognizes the laws at work.
6th ray dominant, hence follows 4th and 2nd rays.           5th ray dominant, hence follows 3rd and 1st rays.
Recognizes the kingdom of God within.           Recognizes the kingdom of nature.
After initiation, the mystic merges into occultism.           After finding God within, the occultist becomes a true occultist.
Path is from emotion to devotion and to initiation.           Path is from physical, to mental, to intellect and to initiation.
Follows the line of love.           Follows the line of will.
Lacks many times intelligent action, hence, deviates from purpose.           Tends many times to be selfish, hence, deviates from purpose.
Lacks self-confidence.           Over-confident and proud.
Follows a Teacher.           Follows the teaching.


It was said that if we want to live better in the society and be able to do better help to others, we need to know ourselves better. What is the way to understand one's self better?

Answer: Thank you for the question because the answer is a one line answer. This is what I am going to speak to you in the next two weeks, to give you the right inner strength to meet the outer. I know, due to my frequent visits to the West, that it is not so easy in the West to live what is being said from the angle of the science of wisdom, or from the science of living. There is the basic simple art of living. But the system in the West is so strongly built. It is all built with the purpose of giving better life to people. But the whole system is now doing the contrary and hence, to live the values is becoming difficult.

When you're supplied with drugs in the school, when alcohol is available like water, when there is the encouragement of sex even at a very young age, it is like throwing nascent children into troubled waters to swim. You can swim if it is a swimming-pool, but not in turbulent waters. Since we cannot change the turbulent waters by ourselves, it is important that we get the strength to swim in troubled waters. That strength can be developed from within, so that the turbulence will not push us to sink. Those are the strengths which I wish to present to you.


You were talking about seven levels of human beings and I would like to know which levels are concerned by love? I can say, 'I love chocolate' and I can also say, 'I love a woman'.

Answer: A love that doesn't need a cause is divine love. To say I love Maxim, because Maxim cooperates with me, is not love divine. That kind of love will die, if Maxim does not cooperate with me. Likewise, a man says, "I love that girl." But if that girl does not respond, and, on the contrary, insults you, you can't love. The love turns to be hate. There is a condition in that love. So, I love, because... - when there is a cause to love it is inferior love.

There is the nature to love. That is the divine love. It does not demand any condition. For example, Jesus could look into the eyes of Judas with equal love as he could look to other disciples, while he consciously knew that Judas is going to create problems to him. It's because it is the nature of Jesus that he loves, that's all. It doesn't demand anything.

A love that does not demand, a love that does not have any condition, a love that is a natural flow from within is the love that is spoken of in the spiritual realms. It comes in the fifth chamber. That's the pure love. It is demonstrated by those who have experienced the bliss of existence. To them, favourable and unfavourable places don't exist - the love flows. It flows even if there are unfavourable people, unfavourable places, unfavourable times. It is their nature.

Like the magnet. A magnet keeps on generating magnetic vibrations wherever it is. It does not say, "I send my magnetic currents only in this way and not in the other way". In all the 360 directions, the magnet generates its vibration. It is called 'impersonal love'. That is divine love.

In the fourth chamber, there is love for knowledge. When there is love for knowledge, there is no love for ignorance. The knowledgeable people look down upon the ignorant ones. Their love is only towards knowledge. They love the light, they hate darkness. This is not love.

But the one in the fifth chamber, he loves knowledge and ignorance equally. The ignorant ones will also one day become knowledgeable ones. Those who do not know should be loved more than those who know. If there is no light in a room and there is a small candle in the other room, it is more important that we take care of those who are in dark room. Even in the so-called occult world, there is the ignorance of condemning evil. That is not love. Love is for all. It is for the ignorant ones and for the knowledgeable ones. It is for the rightly behaving ones and also wrongly behaving ones. Through love you magnetize and transform even the wrongly behaving ones into rightly behaving ones. This does not exist in the fourth chamber.

In the third chamber, there is a very water-tight compartment of good and bad. Then we suffer by our own bifurcation. In the third chamber, where it is the mind, the mind bifurcates every concept into two and suffers from such bifurcation. A coin is bifurcated into two parts. Which part is the coin? Unless the two are together, there is no coin. We have the night and the day. People fear the night and like the day. It is a bifurcation. It is one day seen as two.

Everything is bifurcated by the mind for analysis. But the analysis is only for the sake of analysis. We need to be in synthesis and analyze for the sake of better understanding. That is why Jesus said, "Judge not!"

To feel sympathy with Victor is love. To be compassionate to him, even while he is sleeping in the class, is love. If you say, "Oh, he sleeps, he is not good", is to speak from the third chamber. If you are in the fifth chamber, you don't condemn anything. You don't judge at all. A refined human being does not judge. Only people with half knowledge judge. It is what it is. Accept it as it is.

Imagine Jesus, when he was crucified, he could say a statement: "Father, forgive them, they do not know." What is the height of that understanding! "Father, punish all those ignorant fellows", could also be said by him. But it does not exist in the fifth chamber.

In the third chamber, it exists very strongly. There is a constant fight with evil, ignorance, etc., and through this fight, they are generating more and more evil. I assume that there is evil in you, and I start trying to put you down, and you will also try to put me down. In the world of concepts, love exists in terms of accepting my concepts by you.

That is how all these religions are also fighting. If they make a proper understanding, there is no need to fight in the name of God. Why do they fight? They are in the third chamber - mind and its concepts. "Everyone should accept my view. If you don't accept, I will kill you." Can this be called love? In the name of Jesus the Christ, such demonstrations are done in South America and North America. Is this what Jesus taught?

It is because we take love to our level. In the fourth chamber, love is love for knowledge and the concurrent hate for ignorance. In the third chamber, love is for a concept. "My mental concepts should be accepted by all and I try to put down others who don't follow my concepts" - this is love of concept.

Then in the second chamber, it is love arising out of emotion - emotional love. It generates from the experience of the senses. The more and more emotional love is satisfied, the mutual emotional attraction is reduced.

Suppose, I love coconut water. There is the law: each sip of the coconut water reduces my liking towards it. After five coconuts, the liking is further reduced. After ten coconuts, I will say: "No, thank you." So, this is called emotional love. That is where, people in the young age, they emotionally fall in love with each other. It is more at the level of sensorium. When the emotional love is satisfied, there is no such attraction as between the two.

That is why companionship cannot be on the basis of emotional love. It has to be on higher planes. I hear many stories when I come to the West, that people are in great love with each other, three years, four years, five years, and when they marry, within two years, they divorce.

The most astonishing example was that a man and a woman were in love with each other for eight years. Then they decided to marry. After marriage, they did not live together even for eight days. How can you explain this? It did not last even as many days as they loved before marriage.

This is because the love is relating to emotions. Emotion is like the boiling milk. You know, when the milk is put to boil, the foam comes up. When you collect the foam, how much milk is in it? When you collect the foam of the wave at the see, how much water is in it? Even before your eyes, within seconds, it all disappears.

Emotional love disappears very easily, and many times when there is no response to love, it will turns to be a deep hatred. A man loves a lady. The lady does not. Then the man develops anger against the lady, and vice versa. A lady loves a man. Seldom a lady expresses in words that she loves. So, she wants the man to know, and she waits that the man gains some common sense and understands, through time, that she loves him. After long years of waiting, if the lady is desperate, she will speak it out: "My dear fool, I am loving you." In spite of it, if the man says, "No, thank you", the pride is hurt, the love turns into hatred.

This is emotional love, which is spoiling long term married living. Every alternate marriage results in divorce. Why is it so? It is because they are mostly in the second and third chambers. When there is only bodily attraction, they don't stand beyond a short cycle of time. It is over in two years. That emotion is gone. So then, what is it that keeps them together? If at the mental plane, they are able to see together the same way, but if at the mental plane, they don't see the same way, that means, conceptually, if they do not agree, it will break.

If you get into fourth or fifth chambers, this narrow understanding of love gives way for a broader understanding. In the first chamber, it is love for objects. People love their houses, their automobile, their bank balances, and their personals belongings. They love them more than the people.

These are all varieties of inferior love. The love for objects and for places relates to the first chamber. Love for persons on the basis of their outer beauty is the love related to the second chamber. It also does not last. The love in the third chamber is the love for mental concepts. The love in the fourth chamber is the love for knowledge. The love in the fifth chamber is love for all. It is not denied to any. That is the love divine. The love that is spoken by the Saints is this love. It cannot come just by proposing. We need to raise our awareness to that level and it requires the related practice of the steps to reach that state of awareness.

Since two thousand years, the doctrine of love is only spoken. Very few have demonstrated it, and all those who demonstrated such love are the ones who have accomplished in the fifth chamber. That is how it is.

The Seven States of Awareness

I have briefly spoken to you about the seven chambers of man which represent the seven potentials of man. They are the seven states of awareness. Man can be God, meaning, his potentials are complete. Only man can pervade all the seven planes. The angels, they cannot pervade into lower planes. The animals cannot pervade into angelic or devic planes. Man is capable of permeating into the higher planes as well as the lower planes. Man is the fulcrum of the seven planes of existence.

Below him, there are three kingdoms, that means, they are juniors to him. These are the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom. They can be related to the three lower chambers of man also. The mineral kingdom can be related to the physical tissues of the body. The plant kingdom can be related to the sensations we experience through senses. The plants have sensations. If you pluck a fruit or a flower, there is a momentary sensation felt by the tree. Then, the animal kingdom can be related to the man with memory relating to his bodily requirements. These are the three inferior or lowers kingdoms, meaning, less evolved than the human.

Then there are three higher kingdoms. The one immediately higher is the plane of creativity and knowledge. The chamber which is related to knowledge and creativity, that is the fourth chamber, it relates to man. Then in the fifth chamber, where there is the blissful existence beyond concepts, you have the angelic existence. Then in the sixth chamber, it is the existence of another category of angelic existence called the will: angels, solar angels, cosmic angels - like that the scriptures speak. Those are the ones that permeate the fifth, sixth and seventh chambers.

But man can be in any of these seven planes. He can permeate all the seven planes according to the time, place and the need. He can be in any of the seven planes. We can be working on the physical with physical strength. We can also experience the plane of senses where you don't use the physical body, but you experience through senses. We can also be in the thought plane, memorising the events of the life, the events of today, yesterday or last year. Then we can also be creative and gain the knowledge relating to such creative activity. We can also be in the blissful state. We also have the potential to be light. We further have the potential to permeate to whole atmosphere with our energy. These are the seven possibilities with man.

How much we utilize the given opportunities is the question. Mostly we are stuck with the first three: physical, sensual and lower mental. As we educate ourselves well, we work more with the thinking faculty, and slowly we become thinkers. I told you that thinkers are few. It is unfortunate. A nation's growth depends upon the thinkers that it has. Indians had such thinkers. The Greeks had such thinkers. The Romans had such thinker. Likewise, in every system, there were thinkers that could organise the social life for the benefit of all.

The immediate task for all of us is to be thinkers. The potential to think is unlimited for the human being. Today, the scientists are doing it and also those who are deeply concerned about humanity, they keep thinking. There are thinkers who are concerned about the right direction to humanity. They don't succumb to the petty thought of their own individual life.

Basically, the sense of accomplishment is what man looks for. If you have accomplished something for the benefit of the surrounding life and all that you do in course of time helps a large number of beings - human, plant or animal - then there is satisfaction. In the fourth chamber, the welfare of a larger community predominates over the individual welfare. Individual becomes secondary. The group becomes primary.

If I have food, clothing and shelter, I'm happy. This thinking relates to the third chamber. Then in the fourth chamber my thinking is that not only me, but also my fellow beings should have food clothing and shelter, and I ensure that they also have it. I don't feel well, if I only have it and people around me don't have it.

Those who do not have always try to seek from those who have. They may even steal. They may thieve. Most of the habit of delinquency, stealing arises out of lack of satisfaction of basic personal needs. You have sumptuous food and your neighbour does not have it. He would like some portion to be given to him. If you don't, and if he is hungry, he will conceive ways and means to thieve.

That is how your own existence is not very safe if everything surrounding you is in misery. The age-old fight in humanity between the rich and the poor is arising out of the rich not sharing with the poor and the poor not developing adequate capabilities to become rich. In the fourth chamber we give a different orientation to our outlook in life. That is where you think of welfare of others.

The science of sociology took birth on the basis of such welfare for others. Economics also were originally conceived as "laissez-faire". Adam Smith speaks of fair distribution of the natural wealth to all beings. Communism speaks of equality of opportunities. These are all noble thoughts, but when they get into selfish hands, noble thoughts get mutilated. Noble thoughts are manipulated. That is how noble teachings are also manipulated.

I have already explained to you how the noble teachings of Jesus have been manipulated by some selfish group of people. What happens is, in the fourth chamber, when noble thoughts are generated, instead of people rising to that level, they bring down that thought to their level of the third chamber. This is the problem.

To make a proper understanding, we need to rise to the fourth chamber than to bring down the concept of the fourth chamber to the third. Then the reflection has a deflection in it. It distorts. If I put a bar in a glass of water, you will find at the water level that the bar has twisted. It takes a deflection. Between the fourth and third plane there can be inversions. You have to rise to the level of a noble thought than bring it down to a lower level where you make your own understanding of it. This is one trick that we suffer from. That is how Scriptures are also not understood.

What the Teacher said is understood by each student according to him. That is why we need the discipline to rise to the fourth chamber than to bring down a higher understanding into an inferior way of demonstration. That is how, even spiritual concepts are distorted.

The sublime spiritual science of Tantra is distorted as sexual indulgence. Why? It is because people who received it are sexually dominant in their energy. They see it as sex. Tantra does not speak of sex, it speaks of the presence of feminine energy.

The whole creation is the network of masculine and feminine energy. If there is a good balance between the masculine and feminine energy, the spirit and matter in you gain proper balance. Then you experience the bliss of existence. For the male, to have the presence of the female energy and, for the female, to have the presence of the male energy, was conceived to gain this blissful existence.

In the Tantra, it is not spoken about physical presence. If there is a man and a woman together in a house, that itself is enough. It does not demand sexual intercourse. It requires a lot of restraint not to be sexually involved while a man and a woman are together. Consequently, the science of Tantra is abused by those communities who are conditioned by the thought of sex. This is an example of noble concepts getting distorted.

That is why it is necessary for us to raise ourselves to experience the related awareness in the fourth chamber. Man is not happy to live only for food, sex and memory. He wants to get more and more knowledge. The urge for knowledge makes him look here and there. So, when he looks for the fourth chamber, he should have a minimum discipline relating to the fourth chamber, without which he doesn't understand what is said in the fourth chamber. But if he is not well prepared for it, whatever he receives, he distorts it unconsciously.

That is why, in ancients days, wisdom was given in a discrete manner. It was not for people who include those who don't have the related disciplined. If you wish to be a boxer, there is a discipline you have to follow. Without following the related discipline, if you get into a boxing ring, you know what happens. Likewise football or baseball. In relation to any knowledge that you wish to gain, there is the related discipline you have to take to. If you don't adapt to that discipline and yet try to receive it, many times you don't receive it, and sometimes, if you receive, you don't make proper understanding.

When you come into the field of knowledge, it demands systematized functioning, because if you see the nature as such, everything is according to an order. The movement of the planet is according to an order. It does not move as it likes. That is why it generates so much of life, so much of magnetism, electricity, and it has become such good avenue for so much life to flourish here. The solar system is called 'system', because all the planets function according to an order.

To bring an order into life is therefore important. The mineral and its properties, they have a very definitive order. The plants have their own order, they have seasons. You can fairly predict how a particular plant grows. The animals also have order. In all these cases, the order comes to them instinctively through nature. Cat behaves like cat only. Cat does not behave like a dog. Dog does not behave like a monkey. You can fairly see their behaviour patterns. Likewise, coconut will not taste like mango.

When it comes to human beings, freedom is given out of compassion, but freedom is more misunderstood than understood. Freedom is concurrent with responsibility. People don't want responsibility, they want freedom. Please remember that if we are looking for freedom and avoiding responsibilities, all our efforts to seek freedom would become counter-productive. You become a slave of many things.

Responsibility to the Body

There is a responsibility relating to food, it is in relation to nourishment of the body. If you don't accept the responsibility, the body, instead of giving you health and strength, will condition you with diseases. We want health, but we don't want to follow the regulations relating to health. How is it possible? In nature, freedom is always linked to responsibility. That is why each one has to see what food is agreeable to him and what food is nourishing his body. But people eat whatever they like. If you eat whatever you like, without regard to its nourishment value, without regard to its agreeability to your body, you will only destroy the human equipment and land up in such diseases that you are totaly conditioned by the body, and freedom becomes something like an illusion. The goal is found to be farther and farther than nearer and nearer. All plans in life will be wrecked by a wrecked health.

If a ship is wrecked, you are lost in the sea. If the ship is okay, you can sail and reach the goal safely. If the ship is like the Titanic (I am sure all of you must have seen that movie), see the panic that the people had. Everybody is like a ship, an automobile or an aeroplane. It is a vehicle and it should be given the right fuel and right load. You can't give anything other than petrol to a petrol driven vehicle. If you put water into it, because water is pure, the car will not move. Even if you put the costliest alcohol into it, the engine will get spoiled.

Unless you know what is to be given to the body, you don't go long with this body. On the voyage, the boat is broken. So the purposes are not accomplished. In the name of freedom, people are eating anything and everything, drinking anything and everything, and are even eating drugs not knowing that it is self-defeating.

You know, in a football game, I'm supposed to hit the ball into the other goal. Instead of doing that, if I kick the ball into my own goal which is called self-goal, I break the rules of the game.

People do like this through irresponsibility. You can't be irresponsible relating to food and yet have health. We are all educated. We are all supposed to know what is good for our body, but still we take things which are not good for the body. Can we call ourselves civilized? People are getting incurable diseases due to irresponsible food habits. Today rheumatism and arthritis are so much on the planet, and there is no cure. They can only do some palliative work, i. e. every year, for 15 days, they have to take some spring water bath or some massage, and then they have to come back again.

You know why people get arthritis and rheumatism? The subtle cause for it is lack of discrimination in eating food, excessive eating. We all eat much more than what the body needs. This is our problem. Eating for nourishment is the basic value of food. But to tastefully prepare a food that nourishes is the knowledge, so that it goes through the palate and then the gutter of the throat in a much better manner. Food that has nourishment value and also has taste is easily accepted by the tongue. Taste is added as an attraction to the nourishing food. But slowly, taste dominated nourishment. So, what happened? Eating for taste, not for nourishment! If people suggest nourishing food in preference to tasty food, the tongue does not accept. We need to have tasty food, but it should necessarily be nourishing food. If you take only for taste, and if you eat only because you feel like eating without being hungry, you are doing damage to the life force in the body.

In spite of such an advancement of this humanity, we have lost the basic rhythm and values. That is why our diseases are growing in a geometrical proportion, and the invention of medicines is only in the arithmetical progression. That means, we have ten diseases, and the medical scientists are trying to invent medicines to cure the ten diseases. By the time they succeeded in inventing medicines for ten diseases, we are producing hundred diseases. Before they can find medicines for hundred diseases, we are producing thousand diseases.

There is no way to meet the requirement of the disease unless we change our way of living, that we eat natural food, not stored food. People drink stored milk, stored water, stored vegetables; there is not much life in it. We are only drinking and eating for the glamour of it.

The pure water that you drink from a stream is much more nourishing and life-giving than the water that is stored in municipal tangs and then supplied to you. You further store it in your house or keep it in a refrigerator, and later drink it. It is more a glamour of water than water. Likewise milk, if you once come to my house in the afternoon, you can see the buffalo being milked at my house which we drink for the day. Next day again, the same buffalo is brought and milked. Today it is a privilege, but in ancient times, it was the common way of living.

We have to think if we are really progressing or regressing. If we regularly drink the milk from the same cow or the same buffalo, in the psychological plane, there is an agreeability established, besides the freshness. We also ensure that the cow or buffalo eats healthy food, that they have good health so that the milk they give is also healthy.

It's a matter of common sense. Today cows and buffalos are fed all kinds of chemicals, and then they develop diseases. So, you eat the meat of it, drink the milk of it, and you get incurable diseases. Can we call this a solution to health on the planet? The civilized ways seem to be leading us more and more to ignorant states. Many things we are doing like this: we don't know what we have to eat, we don't know how much we have to eat, we don't know when to eat, we don't know where to eat. This is science relating to the vital body. When you don't do this, your second chamber is destroyed, which will also destroy the first chamber and will not allow your third chamber to function well.

Every one person in ten, in the West, has depression. Why? Because theses chambers are getting destroyed through ignorant ways of living! There is a normal and natural way of living, which would enable you to have better equipment for higher purposes. To prepare our instrument, we should ensure that there is an order in our eating.

This is the fundamental preparation, and I suggest that you read the chapter on food in the book "Mithila". Please read, it is all meant for those who wish to work on a big scale for the benefit of a larger section of community. It may look simple but the truth is always in the simplest things, not in great things. In great things, you find little truth. Where truth is present, there, simplicity is present. So, find this aspect of right food habit as a basis to start with. Please read about food, please also read about asanas. It would be good to make a collective study, so that it is better understood.

You have to prepare your instrument so well that it is useful. See a violin, the strings shall have to be tight. Then you can play music on it. Otherwise, even if you are an excellent musician, you can't play any music on a violin which is not fit. Seeking for higher knowledge without making the instrument fit, is the work of day dreamers. They just remain dreamers. 95% of people in the spiritual groups are dreamers. I wish that you are in the other five percent. It is an important aspect that we need to take the right discipline, right from the beginning. That gives the right basis for health.


In the book "Mithila", you are speaking about the importance of taking milk and milk products. But you also say that it is not good to eat products made of milk or to drink so much milk. What is the right behaviour we should have?

Answer: This is mostly true with the conditions in Germany. When I speak of milk, I generally mean the fresh milk which is no more available in industrial countries which are excessively advanced. For instance, in Germany, there are many allergies that people are developing when they take milk. If you take fresh milk, it cleanses the body very well. If milk is manipulated, then it doesn't have the natural properties. But still, there are quite many areas where milk is available afresh. Milk as such is a very wholesome food, but it depends if we are taking the right kind of milk. In developing countries, still milk is not so much affected.

As far as possible, you may reduce animal food. Of course, normally in our groups, there is no eating of animal food and those who still have the habit of eating animal food, they should thing of gradually reducing it. The human body, as it was in the 19th century, is different from the body of the 20th century and 21st century. We are tending to be more and more subtle in our body. When we are gaining subtle bodies, heavy food works in the contrary. In the future, human beings may not even be able to eat potatoes. We are tending more and more towards light food. Hence, taking animal food can give rise to diseases because it is no more suitable to human bodies. It is also scientifically known now that the human intestines are not fit to receive the animal food and digest it. We should tend to lighter and nourishing food.

Another important aspect is to have rhythm about food. You also need to purify, through thought, the food you buy and eat, Food is a divine aspect of life and it should be taken to nourish the intelligences of the body. It is a thought process through which you can purify the given food. That is the reason why a prayer before food was there in every ancient tradition. The food is offered as fuel to the body; it is another form of fire ritual.

You have all witnessed the fire ritual. Fire is the medium through which food is transmitted to varieties of intelligences that function in the body. The fire in you shall have to burn up the food that you offer to those intelligences. The various parts of the body are functioning due to the presence of intelligences. There are so many intelligences that are functioning in our body even without our knowledge. The entire digestive system is already there, the blood circulation is already there, and then there is the sensorium relating to the five senses which is already there. From head to foot, there are so many intelligences working. We are not remunerating them for the work they are doing for us.

We use the eye. What are we doing for the eye? We use the ear, the sense of hearing. What are we doing for it? One of the qualities that any refined human being would have is to be grateful for what is given, to be grateful for what is received. There are people without eyes. We have eyes. There is a difference. There are people without hearing ability. We are able to hear due to the presence of the intelligences of listening existing in us. Likewise taste, speech, many people don't have speech. We don't recognize them because they are there even without our asking. There are people born with deformed legs. We don't see the importance of the fingers, the hands, the legs. There are people born with mental imbalance. What would you do if you are born with not adequate brains? What would you do if you have congenital heart problems? Should we not be thankful that we don't have such problems? The Indian seers have made a count of intelligences that are functioning in the human being. Broadly, they are 32.

So, your eating food is not for yourself. We should never eat with that attitude. There is a statement in the Scriptures that the one who eats for himself is a pilferer. It is not that you are eating for yourself. Eating is an offering, an offering to the intelligences of the body. And then, with great veneration when you offer food to the intelligences of the body, they will respond to you much better.

That is what is called 'food as offering'. When you offer food, there has to be the fire to burn it and transmit it into all limbs of the body. That's why fire is also thanked. You have to be grateful to the fire in you. You can make a request to the fire to digest the food that is being offered to various intelligences of the body, and to transmit it to all intelligences of the body so that the body is well nourished. The person in whom the fire is not working well, the food is not well digested. Fire transforms the food into energy.

This is the subtle understanding relating to the eating of food. A short prayer relating to food, which exists since ancient most times, reminds us that we are not eating for ourselves, and that we are taking it as an offering to the intelligences in us. This reorientation changes the very act into an act of sacrifice.

"May the Devas be pleased of this food that I offer to them. I also offer food to the fire, so that fire is pleased and transmits the energy of the food to all Devas."

That is the substance of the prayer. If you see the fire ritual we do, it is an external act, where varieties of material, with varieties of energy are offered into fire and directed to the related Devas. This is because fire is the alchemist in creation. Fire brings out the creation and fire again absorbs the creation. It is the one that creates all the seven planes, and then it absorbs all the creation into itself. That's why he is said to be the foremost intelligence in creation. In many traditions, the Lord is related to Fire. In the "Old Testament", you find the statement: "Our God is an all consuming fire." He exists in all the seven plans. That's how he supplies the nourishment to all the seven planes.

So, the finer understanding in nature is that you offer to others, and in turn the others offer to you. You are oriented to offer to the Devas, in turn, the Devas offer back to you the energies. You offer grass to the cow, and the cow, in turn, offers milk to you. You cannot eat grass by yourself. Isn't it?

As you learn offering, you become fit to receive. This is the chief key note of living in harmony. You keep helping. You receive help. Whatever you throw into the system, it comes back to you. It has a boomerang effect. You do acts of service, it comes back to you. If you serve, you are served. If you help, you are helped. If you give, you are given. If you receive directly, there are people who take away from you.

The fear of survival is more with those who believe in self-sustenance. Animals don't have that fear, they get their food. The birds get their food. Even the trees in forests get their water. But animals and trees, they are all doing something for others. The fitness of our survival depends upon how much we are useful to the surrounding life. This attitude can also extend to food by saying: "This food is for the Devas who are working in me day and night and who in turn are helping me. May they be pleased by this act of mine."

The Mouth - the Fire Place

You see the container for the fire ritual, in your case, the container for the fire ritual is your mouth. Just like we put material into the fire container, the mouth is the place of fire as far as we are concerned. The fire place should always be kept clean. This is another important aspect. Fire is sacred because it is the conductor of all the system. It has to be given due importance. It has to be kept clean, pure and holy. That is the importance of the mouth of the human being.

The first and foremost thing is to ensure that the mouth does not smell. It is important that you take care of your mouth. A mouth that smells gives the message that there are many impurities in you. A clean mouth is also indicative of a clean digestive system. If the tongue is not tasty to you and is smelling, you have a potential danger with your digestive system. The natural colour of the tongue is rose to orange. You should not allow any coating that happens on the tongue. You shall have to regularly remove the coating on the tongue, once in a day. The body, during sleep hours, makes a lot of excretions. Unless you clean the body, you can't start your morning work. The instruction for those who wish to walk into realms of light is: Do not step out into the world unless you have cleaned your body, because an impure vehicle is not fit for brilliant work, and much less for the work of light.

The first and fundamental thing in the morning, from the standpoint of discipleship, meaning for the students of light, is to clean the mouth. Don't even talk before you clean the mouth. It is very important. This habit does not exist to people in the West, and you have to bring it back to them.

There is no better way of transmitting this knowledge except through demonstration. Don't talk until you clean your mouth! Don't eat or drink either coffee, milk or whatever it is, until you clean the mouth.

The human is different from the animal in this aspect. For the animal, the first instinct as it gets up is what to eat. That cannot be with the human. If we have that tendency, it means there is the animal tendency in us, strongly functioning. As you wake up, clean your mouth! There is a way to clean the tongue. It is now being accepted by the medical science in the United States. In the East, this knowledge exists from times immemorial. You don't only clean the mouth as you wake up but the eyes with cool water, because even in the corners of the eyes there can be excretes. Then clean the body with a shower. You are lucky if you can also defecate in the very early hours of the morning. Many people do not because they don't have the proper rhythm.

The science of Ayurveda says: "Do not introduce any food until the food of the previous day is digested and the excretes are thrown out." Better drink water until yesterday's food is fully digested and you have defecated it. Don't eat unless the cycle of the previous eating is complete through defecation. The cycle has to be completed. When you cook food in a vessel, don't you clean it when you use it again for the second time?

The cycle of intake of food is complete only when the food is digested, the related energy is distributed to the body and then the crap is thrown out. Then you are fit to eat again. This is the understanding of the science of Ayurveda which is the oldest on this planet. The health of any person depends upon his regular defecations. Almost 70 to 80% of people today, especially in civilized places, their problem is constipation. When there is constipation, the stool is within the body. When it is in the body, it produces a lot of toxics. The body gets intoxicated and as a consequence, it spreads anti-life in the body. These are very fundamentals which are not taught in any school.

So, our way of life is causing more and more poison in us. We are not given the right education about it. When you have some deposits of carbon in the body, they continue to spread its vapour into every part of the system establishing their own deposits everywhere and blocking the flow of life in us. Defecation is as important as shower. Cleaning the tongue in the morning substantially helps defecation. Until you defecate, keep drinking water. So, basically in the morning, there has to be time given for cleansing the body. Don't step out into the world with an unclean body. It's important. One third of your mind is controlled by the cleanliness of your body and hence, even to have a clean mind, you need a clean body.

Coming back to the mouth, ensure that it does not smell. Clean it, if necessary more than once a day. It is not brushing the teeth which is so important. That way, you will only lose the enamel of the teeth. What is important is that you massage the gums. In-between the gum and the teeth, there are secretions; which have to be cleaned. If those secretions are cleaned, your mouth would not smell so much. When you massage the gums, then the gums would hold the teeth strong. When you massage the gums, the excretions are also pushed out.

In civilized communities, teeth are already a casualty at a very young age. If you see in the black race or in the brown race, the teeth are much stronger. In the white race, even during the teen-age, people remove teeth. You know it is expected, according to the science of health, that you lose teeth, gradually, after sixty years. Not by sixteen years!

The 32 teeth are related to 32 centers of our body. When you lose the teeth, you have lost the efficacy of functioning of that center. If the gums are kept strong and healthy, the teeth are never lost, and it would help cleansing the mouth better. This is the physical aspect of keeping the mouth clean. The second aspect of keeping the mouth clean is giving healthy food.

The third aspect of keeping the mouth clean, which is also very, very, very important, is that you don't use the tongue for unpleasant talk. Do not use the tongue to criticize. Many people are very critical with their tongue. It would cause much destruction of energy inside. Sometimes when people utter sentences, it hurts so deeply. See, if you are physically hurt, it gets healed, but if you are hurt vocally, many times it does not get healed. That's why a Greek philosopher says: "Do not worry about the poison of the tongue of a cobra, be afraid of the tongue of the human." There is no way to heal it, and this hurt goes in cycles and comes back to you. When you hurt, you are hurt. This is the Law. This is the third aspect of the mouth, that you don't use the tongue for wrong speeches. What are wrong speeches? A speech that is unpleasant to others. Contain it, don't say it, try to speak pleasant.

Second aspect is: do not manipulate through speeches. Today, all business is manipulation. "I try to manipulate you so that you follow my line of direction." Speech is for communication, not for manipulation. If you manipulate, you are also manipulated. So speak not unpleasantly; speak not manipulatively; speak not to judge. We know little to judge anything. We can share information without judging. You can carry your understanding, but that understanding can also change later. Each time, you encounter a person, you know more and more about him. With the little interaction of a person, don't try to jump at conclusion about him. We are very quick in judging others, it doesn't help. You may have to change your judgement later. That's how there are misunderstandings, which have to be retraced later.

Don't misrepresent! Try to be as accurate as possible. When you add more words or delete certain words, you communicate a different meaning. There is lot of misrepresentation with human beings, unconsciously. This is because we are so much habituated that misrepresentation has become part of our speech. In the book "Mithila", there is a chapter relating to speech and sound. Please study it, slowly!

This is the third aspect relating to keeping the mouth clean. Then there is the fourth aspect, where you can keep the mouth sacred. This is possible, if all the three other steps are accomplished, through utterance of sacred sound. A tongue that is given the habit of regularly uttering sacred sounds would be disinclined for other utterances. That's how the tongue gets consecrated. The first three steps are to ensure that it doesn't get desecrated. And the fourth one is for consecration.

Remind you that human is the only one in creation who has this facility of speech. No other kingdom enjoys the facility of speech as the human. So speech has to be kept sacred, and a tongue that is put to sacred use for long years gains the power of truth. With such tongue, if you say, "You would get this kind of good luck next year", it will happen. The Saints have gained such powerful tongue through excellent discipline relating to the use of the tongue.

Please remember, your mouth is your fire place, please keep it clean and use it well. Then it would do wonders for you.

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Composer: Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar.