The Fish in the Ocean

By Sri K. Parvathi Kumar

There was a fish in the ocean. It so happened that some beings temporarily enter into water. There are some who enter into water and exit from water. I don't have to tell you who they are: amphibious like the crabs, crocodiles; they get into water and come out of water. There are humans who also get into water and come out.

So each one who got into water, the fish in the water asked them: "Why do you get in?" Then they said: "Water is lovely!" "What is water?" the fish asked. They informed: "Don't you know about water, it gives you cool." So the fish said: "Oho, there is water which gives cool." Another said: "It gives you freshness." Then the fish replied: "Oho, there is something which gives freshness." And a third one informed: "It quenches your thirst." Then the fish said: "What is thirst?" The informer replied: "If you drink water you know how thirst is quenched and if you don't drink water you would know what thirst is."

The fish could not experience neither the cool, nor freshness, nor thirst. Even elephants are getting into waters and coming out. Every being from the earth comes to water and goes. And each one informs different divine qualities of water. Then the fish thinks: "I must search for water."

That is how we all search for God. Where do you find HIM? Where will the fish find water, which he thinks is somewhere?

In his aspiration to know water, the fish becomes very philosophical. Philosophy is like that. Philosophers are those who are lost in their own intellect, ideating all the time. In the meanwhile many things grow and people say: "They are philosophers", meaning: "Don't go near them because philosophy is infectious."

Likewise there are book readers, always book reading. You are in the book but you don' know that the book is in you. It's a problem. The bookworms are always only in the book, they don't know what the book is. The bookworm that eats away the book engulfs the book but will not know. They are called bookworms.

Likewise this fish becomes tremendously philosophic. The other fish are seeing and are thinking: "Something is getting wrong with him, he is not normal." Isn't it? We think to be normal is not to be spiritual - some abnormality. To give a message that I am philosophic or that I am spiritual, people develop abnormalities. To be spiritual is to be normal, to be spiritual is to be original, to be spiritual is to be simple.

Then this fish becomes so philosophic, nobody could help him. The worried fishes, they went and reported to the king fish that among his subjects a fish is getting mentally sick. The king fish commanded the fish, and he went to the royal court of the king. Then the king asked: "What's the problem?" The fish said: "I don't know what the problem is. I came to know about water and I have been ideating about that fantastic thing which so many beings inform from the land. "

The king said: "Ideating? You are an idiot! You are in the water! The poor other fellows are out of it - we are in it!" Then the fish got the revelation: Ah! Because of being in the water, there is neither cool, nor hot, nor thirst, nor need to get fresh. That's the beauty of being in it, which he did not know.

So being in it, but not knowing it, is the problem. That is why it is said: "Because you are always in it, you tend to ignore it. Having ignored it, you tried to find HIM exterior to you!"

Flower of a Ficus religiosa   
Flower of a Ficus religiosa   
Flower of a Ficus religiosa   

Selection from classes by Dr. K. P. Kumar, Große Ledder, June 2007

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