About the Cow and the Cow Milk

Excerpt from a seminar by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in June 2015

In the sunsign Cancer the importance of boiled cow milk to be regularly taken is emphasized. Boiled cow milk enables cleaning of all the layers of the body. Milk and milk products have the ability to cleans. And mind you it is cow milk, not other milk. And mind you the cow should eat only vegetable food - natural food it should eat, no other kinds of things.

And what is a cow? Today there is a huge discussion on the planet. A cow is that animal which has a hump on its back. The quality of the milk relating to that cow is different from the quality of any other milk coming from any other cow. These are the new information which confirms all the old wisdom. They say the Jersey cow which gives lot of milk, is not cow. And its milk is not cow milk. That is the present understanding according to science. A cow after its neck having a hump, that's the cow. The other cows which do not have a hump, are said to be big pigs. It is not what I am saying. Now the scientists are coming up. In New Zeeland their entire economy depends upon the cow milk and the milk products coming from the cow milk. There a scientist has made a research and found that the cow milk coming from the Indian cow is different from the cow milk coming form any other cow. And he said if we think of the true impact of cow milk it should be a cow with a hump, not a cow without a hump. Knowing this, now since about four or five years there is a large export of Indian bulls to Brazil, to New Zeeland and to other places to bring about cows with a hump.

The articles are there. You can find it through Google. Please consult the "Google uncle" you can directly get much information. One great facility we gained is the internet, you get a lot of information.

Therefore cow milk has a different quality than other cow milk. Not all cows are cows. Not all dogs are dogs. Because there is so much of mixing up hybrids. There are dogs which look like a fox and there is a bull-like dog, you call it bulldog. Why? Because its stature and movement is like a bull, though it is very small.

The cow milk cleanses, that's why cancer speaks of cow milk as food.

I told you, cow means GO, GO means GAU. A plus U is O. Way back in 1992 in Bad Essen I spoke about the chemistry of sounds: A, E, U, O, AI, AE - there are all the cosmic principles. In Ga - A - U, Ga is movement, A is the Absolute God, U is the God in creation - the permeating one. Ever moving all permeating Divinity is called GAU. That extraterrestrial energy is said to be in the human soul, and the quality of that soul is also there in the cow among the animals. The soul is Christ-like we say. We give the number eight to Christ, because essentially it is the Divine that has come down as the human. "Man is made in the likeness and image of God…" we say. It is the eighth plain, which is beyond the seventh plain, the essence is above the seventh plain. That essence is present in the cow among the animals - that is the specialty of the cow according to the seers.

Therefore cow milk and cow butter is suggested. Unluckily we have only the cows here - not the real cows. In India we have buffalo milk, goat milk and cow milk and - which is all collected, we don't know what we take, we think it is milk, but it is not.

Milking of a cow in India
The tradition is that when a child is born, it should be fed more with cow milk more than the mother milk one year after. Mother's milk will not last beyond one year. Even the sibling of any animal would not depend upon the milk of the mother beyond one year. And no animal takes milk after one year. It's only the humans who would drinks milk up to their seventieth or eighties year. That's why among the Janes they abandon all kinds of milk and depend only on cow milk and take only one cow that is identified for a family or a person. Not today to take the milk of one cow, and tomorrow another cows milk and the third day another cow's milk. Just like if you are eating form one hand it is healthy, if you eat from different hands you have different energies coming, though the dish is the same. Same spaghetti cooked by A, cooked by B, cooked by C it's not the same spaghetti, because the one who cooks it, his energy is added to it. The one who cooks, his energy is also with that dish. This is a subtle dimension. So therefore the tradition is to stick to one cow. So we have a familiar energy. Even today people do not know that the milk comes from the cow. If you ask a child, where the milk comes from, he says from the nearby booth. Isn't it? First time when our groups from the west came to India to them it is a good sight to see a buffalo being milked before the house.

Cancer and milk they are together. Why? Because the layers of the body are better cleansed though right kind of milk. So it is also with the butter. The difference between milk and butter is that milk goes through two more transformations to be butter. Milk is boiled and made into yoghurt, which is made into buttermilk, and buttermilk is churned then you have the butter. Recently it also came in the scientific journals, the butter that we use in the east and the butter you use in the west they are totally different. The way it is made in the West it is directly from the milk. In the East there are more processes. The more processes there are, the less is the animal instinct in the substance. The instinct of the animal is gradually eliminated when it is put to more and more fiery processes. This butter is far softer - don't buy it but make it. Butter made at home is so soft, that's why we say butter like. A solidified butter it is no butter, it cannot be solidified it is so soft by nature. Unless there is density there is no solidification.

So that kind of butter and milk is what relates to moon. And the moon relates to the layers of the body. The volume of the body is prepared by the moon. Therefore right attitude towards food is important. Therefore right understanding of food helps the shining forth of the inner consciousness. The inner light shines forth when the outer layers are subtle. When they are dense and gross, what is it that can shine forth. You keep a candle in the glass bowl here, same candle you keep in a stainless steel vessel, you can't see it. What is the difference? It is in its transparence. So the layers of the body can be prepared to be transparent so that the light transmits much better into the surroundings. That's why vegetarianism has come to be. The purpose of vegetarianism is, to enable the inner soul and its light to shine forth better through subtle layers of the body. The seven tissues of the body they carry qualitative energy than dense quality.

By Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

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